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No Fees Unless We Recover

Brooklyn Attorney For Minimum Wage Disputes

Have You Been Underpaid?

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) protects workers' rights to minimum wage, though the actual amount is set by New York state laws for New York workers. Even if you are a "salaried" employee, these minimum wage laws still apply to you.

If you think you have been a victim of minimum wage violations, talk to the experienced Brooklyn lawyers at The Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson. We represent underpaid restaurant workers, security guards, caregivers and others throughout New York City.

We have a no-recovery, no-fee policy. This means we do not charge you anything unless we resolve your claim.

Protecting Your Right To Fair Payment

Employers with salaried or hourly employees must comply with state and federal minimum wage laws. If you have discovered that your average hourly wage does not actually meet the minimum wage ($8/hour in New York), you could have a legal claim to make up the difference.

Not all employers knowingly underpay their employees. After identifying if you have a valid claim, we'll first explore whether a settlement is possible with your employer. This could mean recovering past-due payments and updating your contract so that your salary complies with the law.

Our willingness to settle, however, should not be taken as a sign of weakness. We are always prepared and willing to defend your rights in court, if necessary.

Even if you are not a U.S. citizen, you still have the right to fair wages. Our firm can help you protect this right and your job if you have been underpaid because of your immigration status.

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We are well-versed in the laws governing minimum wage and we will stand up for your rights. Contact us by calling 800-401-4216 toll free to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our skilled attorneys. Se habla español.

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