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No Fees Unless We Recover

Brooklyn Lawyer For Unpaid Overtime Claims

Protecting Your Right To Fair Pay

Unpaid overtime and other wage disputes are some of the most common types of employment claims. However, many workers feel at a disadvantage when attempting to recover unpaid overtime or other wages they feel they're owed.

At The Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson, we level the playing field for employees with wage and overtime disputes. Our Brooklyn lawyers are well-versed in the laws governing overtime, minimum wage and other payment issues, and we'll help you protect your rights to fair pay under them.

We offer a free initial consultation to those with questions about their rights to file a claim. There is also no fee unless we recover compensation for you.

Understanding Overtime Violations

Workers who are classified as "hourly" employees typically have the right to overtime pay. Many of our clients are those whose hours are spread out over time or who get paid a flat fee for hours worked. This essentially means that you may not be paid overtime for any hours worked above and beyond your normal hours in a given week.

Federal and state laws also apply to workers who are not U.S. citizens. If you have been denied overtime pay because of your immigration status, talk with our lawyers about your options.

How Our Firm Can Help You Fight Wage And Overtime Violations

Our attorneys can help you determine if you were underpaid and owed overtime for hours worked. If so, we'll take the necessary steps to recover the money to which you are owed. In some cases, an employer may have been unaware of the problem, in which case a swift settlement is all that is needed. In others, we may need to take the claim to court. In either case, we get right to work in identifying the proper resolution given your unique situation.

Contact Us For A Free Initial Consultation

Our firm helps clients throughout New York City protect their rights to overtime and fair pay. Contact us by calling 800-401-4216 toll free to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is across from Borough Hall in Brooklyn, though we can arrange off-site appointments as needed. Se habla español.

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